Back in 2013 I bought a nice little 19’ Mini RV and me and my family used it all the time.  We visited Zions, Yosemite, went up and down the California coast several times and had the best vacations.  But, kids got older, I got older and we didn’t use the RV as much.

I still was making payments on the RV while it sat in my front yard. I thought about listing it on the internet to see if anyone would rent it to help pay for payments, but it was difficult to find the right renters and it took a lot of my time.  I had a full time job at time and just wanted someone to take care of renting it out for me.

I searched Google for 5 star RV rental companies and found RV Fun Rental.  They had been around for a while and seems like all of their renters loved them.  So, I reached out to Matt at RV Fun and the rest is history! We’ve had our RV consignment with RV Fun Rental for 4 years now. Recently, I just retired so I’m taking the RV on a 50 state adventure. I finally get to enjoy it myself again!