Why Choose Us

Why Rent From RV Rentals San Diego…

At RVRentalsSanDiego.com, our families take great pride in providing each of our friends and renters with an exceptional RV rental experience. We are RV’ers ourselves and we routinely travel to top RV destinations nationwide. Here are just a few reasons to consider renting your next RV direct from us:

Our Customers Say It Best!
We encourage our guests reviews because we love to help each and every guest enjoy a wonderful RV vacation in San Diego. The comments they provide are genuine and unedited by our company – so you know you can believe them. We’ll ask you to complete the same five question survey following your rental…

What You See Is What You Get
We hire professional photographers to show you original pictures of the actual RV you will be enjoying. Beware of poor quality or “factory” pictures that may be deceiving. We encourage you to set up an appointment to view your rental coach before deciding. No “bait-and switch” tactics that are commonly employed by other RV rental companies.

California Highway Patrol Safety Inspections
Unlike most other individual RV renters, we regularly inspect and certify each RV in our fleet in accordance to CHP Commercial Vehicle Safety Guidelines. This documented physical inspection by a certified & licensed safety inspector includes brakes, tires, onboard safety systems, lights and more. Don’t risk the life safety of you and your family to a rental RV with unknown mechanical and/or safety defects.

Clearly Posted RV Details & Photos
We disclose the model year of all of our rental RV’s right up front. Don’t be fooled by other “budget” RV rentals that throw out a low “teaser” rental rate but hide the true age/condition of your RV rental. Older rental RV’s are much more likely to experience mechanical breakdown or major systems failure.

Click here for a free gorving.com videos! We are an authorized member in good standing with the largest industry-sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of RV’ing. We are a family company dedicated to the fundamental principals of family – time to refresh your spirit, time with our children and time with our spouses. We support the very basic attributes that an RV vacation can provide and love to pass them along to our valued guests.

The Recreational Vehicle Rental Association – is our industry’s one and only dedicated group of top quality RV rental dealers. If the company you are considering is not an RVRA approved member, there may be reasons why! Never book an RV from a company that is not an RVRA member!

Privately Owned – No “Rental Fleet” Models
Each of the RV rental coaches on this site is privately owned and professionally managed. Our coach owners have been hand-selected and their RV’s are rigourously inspected and approved annually. Each coach owner has agreed to live up to our standards of maintenance and quality.

Impeccably Clean & Sanitized
Unlike our competitors, we not only touch up our coaches between rentals, we methodically follow a 120 point checklist to clean, disinfect and sanitize all surfaces inside every coach based upon CDC guidelines. We use safe, commercial-grade anti-bacterial and anti-viral disinfectants. Our repeat renters swear by our delivery of dedication to cleanliness. You’ll never receive a owner-rental coach that smells like cigarette smoke, wet dogs or stale beer from the last renter. Your coach will be so clean, we guarantee your coach smells and looks brand new or we will make it right on the spot.

Quality Family Renters Are Who We Love!
We are successful in maintaining your rental RV coaches in tip top condition because we specialize on providing FAMILY vacations. We cherish our loyal families who are sharing their love of the outdoors with their kids. If you are looking for a “party coach”, you should save time and call our competition.

Regularly Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
Did you know that annual Department of Transportation inspections are required of all rental RV’s? This inspection documents all critical safety areas (brakes, tires, engine, transmission, etc) of the RV are  acceptable. Yet, many other RV rental owners & companies may be willing to hand you the keys to an RV that that has lacked proper maintenance. Yet, our experience is that improper preventative maintenance can result in unexpected problems that can effect your vacation enjoyment. Our policy is to always address and correct maintenance issues immediately. When/if there may be a maintenance issue of your coach, we will honestly and immediately inform you of the situation and offer you with all available alternatives.

Pride of Ownership
Since each RV rental coach we offer is impeccably maintained by the owner, your coach will be just like you owned it yourself. This means preventative maintenance, detailed inspections, immediate repairs of even the smallest items and regular professional “deep cleaning” services.

Upgraded Features & Amenities
Some rental companies buy or lease rental RV’s in bulk from the factory for the sole purpose of renting them. Your mass-produced rental model RV coach can be bare, cold and without the small features and amenities that make it comfortable and convenient.

Each of our owners have purchased these RV coaches you see for their own personal use – and we all rent them out when not enjoying them ourselves. All our coaches include valuable upgrades, costly accessories, convenience features, and comfort extras. Since we enjoy them ourselves, our rental coaches are fully equipped – not stripped.

We Help You Avoid Costly Damage
Believe it or not, some RV rental companies make a lot of money from damages to a rental RV by the renter! They do little to prevent it and do even less to help you avoid it. Damage to an RV can cost you your deposit, hundreds of dollars in insurance deductibles and an insurance claim against your insurance.

At RV Rentals San Diego, we strive to help you avoid damage to your RV while you enjoy it. Each rental includes a complete one hour familiarization tour of the entire coach. We take the time to give you operational instructions, driving tips & safety information to help you return the coach in the same pristine condition as when you checked it out….and can save you thousands in unnecessary damage repairs.

Personal Care and Attention
We rent our personal RV’s because we enjoy sharing our private RV coaches to a select few responsible families. We enjoy establishing personal relationships with each of our clients – relationships that often last for years.

When you rent from an RV Rental San Diego owner, you are definitely not just another business customer in line behind dozens of others. We’ll share our love for RV’ing, help you with travel ideas, route suggestions, comfort items and so much more…details most RV rental companies don’t have the time or ability to provide.

Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee
Select a coach that you are interested in and submit a reservation request today to hold your coach. Then, call or email us to make an appointment to view your coach at our lot during the next week (subject to availability). If you are not completely pleased with the overall condition, amenities, features, cleanliness and maintenance of your RV, you can choose another RV or cancel your reservation without cost or penalty.